Sunday, March 08, 2009

Seeking Family Portrait-Taker

We haven't had a family portrait done in a while, and I saw these inspirational ideas in Romantic Homes magazine . . . See how we could rig up Christian and Canaan like the babies on the top left and they would not be at all scared or worried up there? Surely they would also not pee or poop on us at any point. And my Mom would sit with a headpiece on reading to Kate, and Jason and Alif would definitely love wearing togas from the waist down only. I know that Malachi, Caris and Graham would willingly don cherub wings and recline in the front there, and Rod would be the doting Grandfather kissing Kate's little foot. What about Megan and I, though?

Here we go! It's all complete!

And if you need a serious laugh, grab your Mom and a copy of Romantic Homes and go hog wild making fun of the decorating in there. One warning, though: you will likely be seriously tired when you're finished.


  1. I seriously love Romantic Homes magazine, but let the lack of sleep and an impromptu chat session take over and you have the recipe for a mother/daughter session of hysterics! Praise God for understanding husbands :-D

  2. oh my goodness... too funny. It sounds like you and your mom got pretty creative!! :)

  3. You need a new blog entry! I've read this one over and over. LOL

  4. LOL, that's too funny, Emily!!