Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Iron-ons and other fun

My kitchen had been seriously out of control lately, and this past weekend Alif went to Mexico with our church to build a house, so while he was gone I tackled that kitchen whole-heartedly. I went through every cupboard, cleared off the top of the fridge and just really sorted it out. It is AWESOME to go in and have room to work!! Now if we could just remodel it . . . ;-)

This is a verrrry common scene in my home. Canaan and Malachi share some serious brotherly love and they cuddle up like this several times a day.

I love personalized shirts. My favorites are the darling embroidered types, but as I told Lisa today when I ran into her at Target, four kids times 2-3 (or more) shirts means that iron-ons are more often the way to go. I nab pictures from anywhere I want online and hope I don't ever offend anyone. They're just for my own personal use so I think it's probably ok. If you are gonna do this, make sure that when you print you click "mirror image" so that any words in your design print properly.

These are all for Canaan. My favorite is the "Yes, I'm still nursing" one and hey - I created that design all by my OWN self. Yay me! I also love the Robot one that says "For today I am a robot". Cute!

Do you get Everyday Food magazine? I loooove it and seriously I make probably 5 or more recipes out of every copy. Today I made this cocoa popcorn as an afternoon snack and it was a huge hit. Pop up some popcorn (10 cups popped), drizzle with a couple tablespoons of melted butter (or smart heart fakey stuff, which is what I used). Stir it up and then sprinkle on a mixture of 2 tablespoons sugar and 2 teaspoons unsweetened cocoa powder. Stir up again and - mmmmm.


  1. I'm SO glad I ran into you. Thank you for the saline tip, it seems to be working better than anything else! We had a much more successful time nursing this afternoon because she could actually breathe. And bonus, I didn't get sore from constant latching and unlatching or biting when she got freaked out about not being able to breathe.

  2. Your kitchen looks awesome, Emily! Mine has been driving me crazy lately, too, and I so want to take time to reorganize. Just haven't figured out when yet... we've been so busy lately!

    And those t-shirts are so cute! I love the T is for Tricyle one. What a great idea!

  3. your shirts are waaaay too cute for words. i've been tempted many-a-time to print some myself. my friend used to do it and ocassionally there would be some bleeding in the washer/dryer. do you know how to avoid that? it's puzzling because some of the shirts were fine, but others not! Arg.

  4. i so need to do this in my kitchen, yours looks great!

    those shirts are so cute, and you are so creative! i wish i thought of things like this

  5. Oh oh oh, my kitchen next please... I'm away weekend after this one, you can do it then if you want:)

    I love the shirts.

  6. You've been productive & busy!! Love the shirts, especially the designs you chose! Malachi & Canaan-awwww,LOVE them!

  7. those t-shirts are really cute! where'd you nab that robot design from? i'd love to make one for baby e.