Monday, March 23, 2009

Kids are funny.

I bought some Axe shampoo for Malachi last week, because there was a rebate through Walgreens that made it free. I was sort of appalled at the suggestive labeling on the package, but when Lynette smartly told me to peel it off, I took a second look and voila, it DOES come right off! So yay, free shampoo that smells nice and works well on his hair. After he washed his hair with it the first time, he walked by Caris and she said, "oooh, that smells manly!" :-D

Just now I heard:
Caris: Canaan, wanna come watch me poop?
Canaan: YEAH!!


  1. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous8:00 AM

    I am laughing sooo hard right now! That was great.

  3. lmao!!! your kids are pretty darn funny : D