Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I really love my family

I love my husband. He is the hardest worker I know and he complains less than anyone I know. Maybe to a fault. His knee is bothering him but he mentions it so rarely that I forget. I need to get him in with a doctor. Anyway, he always works hard but this move has him working EXTRA hard. He is wholly devoted to finishing every last detail with the house, and he also has to work hard outside the house so that he can keep paying the bills. He loves his work and it's a good thing because it's nonstop. Then he gets home and attends to all of the little details that need fixing here. Like last night, I'd mentioned over the last few days a few things that were not working properly and he fixed them all. The dishwasher purrs along now (he even loaded and ran it last night!), he replaced the garbage disposal and fixed the leaks under the sink, and fixed the phone, which placed outgoing calls fine but when someone would call, it would ring once and then hang up. All of that is now fixed!

I love my children. They can push my buttons like no one else can, but they are also dearer to me than anyone else (outside of Alif). They are every one of them so smart and so kind. Every one of them seeks out ways to make the others happy. Today Malachi came up the stairs as I was putting Graham & Caris down for nap/quiet time and said, "Can I give Graham this calculator for quiet time?" Just this morning they were in a yelling battle over that calculator, and here big brother is ready to just willingly give it over - and his Pixter too. They do things like this all day long for each other, and I tend to focus more on the times they are yelling or crying. I need to focus more on the bulk of the time when they are offering themselves to one another in love!

In pregnancy news, well, there's no news. HA! Sharon calls every few days to check in and I really like that. Last night while I was watching TV I had sharp, shooting pain in my cervix that made me rear up from my seat. VERY uncomfortable - no, downright painful. *Today* I'm uncomfortable. LOL My back and legs hurt and I'm just all-around uncomfortable. I think I'm allowed to just blatantly complain like that at almost 40 weeks (tomorrow) pregnant.

I am so, so, so loving being in our new home!! We are *this close* to being totally unpacked (got the dining room done last night) and my cleaning schedule is working out really well. It's hard to say how it will all be with a new baby in the house, but with only a room or two a day to focus on I think it will go fine. I have been caught up on laundry since we moved in and that alone is a big help. It requires diligence, both washing and putting away daily, at least a couple of loads (usually about 4 though) but it's so nice always having something to wear and never looking at piles of laundry on the floor.

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