Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Another day in our home

Here is a dreadfully boring account of our day. I'm recording it because even dreadfully boring accounts are very interesting to me years down the line!

6:45 am Woke up and nursed Canaan, then dozed while he did for a little while longer. Then I got up for coffee because I needed to take Alif on errands.

7:25 am Left to follow Alif to the garage to drop off his "little truck" (he got a new truck this week, a Ford F-250!) for some pre-sale repairs. Came back home and picked up Chamil's Mazda, followed Alif over to the detail shop to have that car detailed.

9:00 Finally home. Poor Canaan looked absolutely tortured. He does not enjoy his car seat. Doesn't he know how beautiful and cozy it is? (I accidentally typed dozy at first - it's not usually dozy at all for him, unfortunately). Nursed him and put him down for a little nap. Did some reading with the boys and read to Caris. She's really into a Spanish word board book right now. I feel silly pronouncing some of the words but she finds me quite an expert so pronounce i must. She asked if she could say the words today too. Of course you can! But she didn't after all. Lynette called to see if we wanted to go on a walk at 11. We did want to!

10:17 Canaan woke up. I know the exact time because as I lay nursing him I thought, oh dear, we definitely do not have time for the grocery store before our walk. I also did not want to shower before our walk because it was warm out and I thought then I'd be stinky the rest of the day.

11:00 Left the house for our walk. Enjoyed our walk! We walked for almost an hour. Slowly, but hey, slow walking is better than no walking.

12:00 Nursed Canaan and watched as he did lots of stretching after being asleep in the sling for over an hour. How precious is a stretching baby? Arms reaching high but still barely past the top of his head, legs all bunched up and then kicking out, lips pursed and head cocked to the side just a bit . . . ahhhhhhhh, that is one totally relaxed baby. Oh yeah, here comes the poop . . .

12:20 Went to McDonald's and got super-nutritious food for myself and my little children. :-P

1:20 Put everyone down for naps/quiet time. Wasted time completely while they napped. Clicked around online, tidied up a bit here & there, did a load of laundry and started the dishwasher, etc. LaMonica called to see if she could come by after 3 to bring me bottles and a new breast pump!

4:00 or so LaMonica came by, showed me how to use the super-nice pump, and had a nice visit. Canaan woke up just before she came and nursed, of course.

5:30 Alif got home and Malachi got ready for his first baseball practice of the season. This year he moves up to regular pitch. Wow! I took a shower while Graham entertained Canaan (who was in the swing right outside the bathroom LOL). Caris sat on my bed looking at books. Alif took Malachi to practice.

6:30 I finally left for Malachi's practice, and got there just in time to see the last 10 minutes or so. Still nice to see his team and meet his coach. Two very familiar boys are on his team this year. Their Mom's name is Monica and I really like her. She has 5 or 6 kids. That's not why I like her, but it's always fun for me to be around families with lots of kids. Lots being more than four.

7:30 Went to McDonald's and got more super-charged food for my family. This is such a disgusting habit. BUT! I have a two-week menu written up, and tomorrow morning I am going to the grocery store. I'm going to get everything I need for TWO weeks instead of one. We'll make a quick run after a week to get milk and fresh produce.

8:00 REALLY wanted my kids in bed. Canaan nursed & went down. Big kids ate noisily at the table while American Idol played in the background. McDonald's Happy Meal toys happen to be AI toys right now. Graham had a hand-clapper gun-looking AI device, AI sunglasses and AI headphones so that he could be totally American Idol while eating and watching. It was my idea to use the hand-clapper toy when he really liked a song, but when he did it I snapped, "Graham! Don't use that when Canaan's asleep please!" :-P

8:30 Kids all in bed. Yaaaaaaaay! Alif was at his parents' (they're still in Africa) installing some tile. Heard Caris crying in sort of a frantic, scared-sounding way and ran up the stairs. She smelled fire. How scary! I reassured her and prayed with her and she fell right asleep. I wish I could know that her fears would always be so easily soothed. I ate two small McFlurries while watching AI and reading about my new borrowed breast pump online. IMed with a couple friends. Chatted with Alif for a few when he got home.

9:22 Sat down for my third pumping session of the day. Told Alif he just had to see this new pump in action. He saw and said, "that is ridiculous." I truly look like a dairy cow while using this thing. It's completely hilarious. Boobs should never look like that. But the milk that comes out makes me very, very happy. This is one of the best gifts I've ever been able to give.

10:00 Sat down here. Went into cyber-space time warp and it's suddenly 10:45. I'm *exhausted*!!

Lynette and I are starting Weight Watchers on Friday!! We're only going to go to one meeting and then we will meet weekly on our own. I know that sounds doomed to failure but I hope it goes well.

Graham found a worm on our walk today and loved it. He said he was going to take it home so that it can make our dirt into good soil. Then the worm formed itself into a perfect heart in Graham's palm. I said, "It loves you!" :-D


  1. Hey, no day is boring when you get time to hang out with the Cox's! Looking forward to Friday!!!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful day!!