Monday, May 14, 2007

Canaan, 15 weeks

-Gave up lip-sucking in favor of sucking his fingers. A lot.
-Smiles hugely at everyone! He is such a friendly little guy!
-At house church this week Cyndi said, "Has he had a haircut?" I told her he hasn't and she said, "His hair's just growing in perfectly." It really is. It sticks straight up but it's all even all over. LOL
-Doesn't spit up much any more.
-Loves naked time in a really happy, leg-kicking kind of way.
-Got his polio shot, and didn't even cry!
-When I lay him on his tummy on his baby gym, he seems to enjoy the scritchy-scratchy sound his nails make on the fabric.
-I finally figured out how he magnetizes to me in the bed! Up to now, I'd always just known that if he's sleeping with me I will wake up with a little baby pressed neatly against my side, but that I won't know how he managed to scoot all that way. I witnessed him in action today! He will turn his head toward me and lean it forward. Ah, nice, baby face next to mine. Oh wait though. Then he turns his face away from mine and throws his head back. Pleah, baby hair in my face. So that's how he does it. He just uses his head as leverage, rolling it back and forth, back and forth, till he's as close as he can possibly get, which is when his entire body is in direct contact with mine.
-Likes to touch my shirt while he nurses