Saturday, May 12, 2007

Boring Update

Maybe if I always title these particular blog entries about my day "boring update" then anyone who visits can skip it. LOL I am sure that it truly is boring to anyone but me, but I tend to use this blog as sort of a journal so alas, the boring entries.

Here's how our day basically went today:
Woke up around 7:30, laid around in bed chatting with Alif, Canaan smiley between us. Got up and made english muffin egg sandwiches for breakfast, tidied up here & there, and started laundry, which had become a HUGE mountain during the week despite what seems like constant laundering. Gave Caris & Canaan baths, cut Malachi & Graham's hair. They took baths too. Took a shower and got dressed while kids watched Saturday cartoons, played online etc. While kids had quiet time I pumped, talked to Mom and Megan online and loaded the dishwasher. Watched an episode of Digging for the Truth about Pompeii. Interesting and sad. Kids went across the street and threw baseballs with Fred while I nursed Canaan. Caris came home and was looking through a book of the month catalog. She saw a book cover with monsters on the front and said, "Not this one; Jesus doesn't like this." I told her she has such a discerning heart to know what Jesus likes! Boys came home and helped me with Canaan while I folded two baskets of laundry and put it away. Put Canaan to bed. Cleaned kitchen while I talked to Lynette on the phone, then realized I didn't have the ground beef I needed for dinner and called Alif to see if he could bring something home. I have not had a good WW day. It started out good but unraveled. God's mercies are new every morning! Kids are now watching the Jetsons and I am going to work on my desk/kitchen floor and load the dishwasher again.

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  1. I love it! The day in a life of my sister- a Mommy of 4! Very productive day- wow