Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Canaan actually fell asleep in his car seat today, miracle of miracles! I brought him inside and about three minutes after this picture he was wailing with tears streaming down his face. But do you see right above his right elbow? He got his first freckle a couple weeks ago!

Canaan has this major lip-sucking habit goin' on. If he can get to his hand, great - if not, a lip will do. First to stick that tongue out and try to find some lip to suck . . .

There it is - I think I'll suck this bottom lip for a minute but I will probably switch to the top one soon.

I call Canaan "spazzy" a lot because he has these little periods during the day where he's just a complete spaz. He's so excited he can't contain himself so he's all smiling and eyes really wide, and then his body gets super stiff, then he's kicking and flailing and omgosh it's HILARIOUS.

And then thank goodness, he goes back to his usual self. ROFL All that exercise wears a baby out! During a little cold snap last week I put him to bed with a blanket just up to his waist. I went to find him and somehow he'd snuggled in all the way and was sucking on the blanket. Always, always he moves from the middle of the pack & play to the very edge like this.

Whose face is the chubbiest? :-D He scratched his little face, poor baby. When I'm nursing him lying down I sometimes have to help him control his little arm, because he tries to rub his eyes but really it's more like clawing them out since he's so uncoordinated still.


  1. Oh my gosh Emiles! Thank you so much for posting pictures- he is so so HANDSOME! And that shirt, oh my goodness, that has got to be the cutest baby shirt ever. I looooove it!

  2. Oh I just wanna SQUEEZE THAT FOOT!