Saturday, August 02, 2008


Woah, harsh picture! LOL! I checked Google Images for something that said 365 to go along with my post and this came up. Is there someone out there who seriously wants us to make a committment to gymming every SINGLE day of the year? Wow.

ANYway. I was talking to my friend Liz about her eBay business. She was bummed because she'd only made a dollar that day, and it occurred to me that even one measly dollar a day earns a whole $365 in one little year. I'm sure we could all find a way to spend THAT chunk of money!

Then this morning as I lay in bed the air kicked on. I pulled the covers up a little higher and thought about how making sure the air is only on when we really need it could save a dollar a day, probably. Boom! There's another $365 in our pockets!

DUDE! Little changes on a daily basis could seriously impact our income & outflow. What ideas do you have to save or earn $1 a day?


  1. Oh me....this isn't exactly $1 a day, but I love to drink sonic teas....I usually get me and hubby a tea and the kids a slush. We usually hit the drive thru during happy hour for those half price drinks on wed. and sundays both. Well, I have cut out the wed. ones. That saves me almost $15. a month! Wow....but they are half price :o{

  2. Hi Emily, in reference to your comment on my blog about the "re-haul": 1.I started working out at the gym 2.took inventory of my closet 3. paid more attention to what was in style 4. I saved up birthday $ one year and went shopping with my best friend and did a small scale shopping spree. The year prior to shopping I had a baby, gained Tons of weight and because of being busy and unhappy about the way I looked was really out of style. Granted what I bought then, I no longer have, but it was the start to caring and feeling good about myself! Feel free to email me if you want to chat!