Saturday, August 30, 2008

Prince of Peace Academy, Week 2

I had to go double-check my blog to make sure we're actually just finishing up week two. LOL! This was a BUSY out-of-house week so we didn't do nearly as much book work as last week. Let's see what we did instead.

Canaan was stung by another fire ant, and I was very glad that I'd already scheduled him a well-baby visit for Tuesday because boy that thing flared up. It had two little stings and a decent bump underneath, and a warm red area for 3" around. So, that was pretty bad. I did start him on Benadryl and hydrocortizone right away. We saw a new (not new to the practice, just to us) PA this time and she agreed that his reaction was really bad. She suggested topical Benadryl, which I didn't use. But the next day it was looking a lot better anyway, so that was good.

Now, the reason we switched PAs. Ok, there's this one guy who totally misdiagnosed Canaan when I thought he had a peanut allergy. He said it was just heat rash. And he was smoking crack when he said that because it didn't look anything like heat rash, and obviously that particular PA did not pay attention when he studied dermatology in medical school. He has an awesome sense of humor but I don't really need that as much as I need to know what's wrong with my kids on the rare occasion that I take them to the doctor.

Then there was this other female PA who doesn't have a stellar personality but her diagnosing skills are the bomb diggity. However, the last time we were in for a well baby visit, she really did act like I was not a smart parent for choosing to selectively vaccinate. I just really don't want to hear that attitude every time I go to the doctor. I respect that they have their point of view and I expect the same in return. If we are having some sort of medical *issue*, I'll probably choose her. For well baby/child visits, probably not.

Ok, so the PA I chose this time seemed to be close with the PA we originally saw in this practice (and loved and LOVED and loved!!) who had to quit to be with her ill husband. I figured hey, maybe if they're close they're similar in their medical thinking, right? Also, she's a Christian. She was really pretty awesome! She related very well to my kids, which is obviously very important. She went over all the developmental stuff with me which I enjoy. She checked him out thoroughly. And then she looked concerned and said that he is "way behind on his immunizations". I took a deep breath and said, "No, he isn't. We're not going to do any more vaccinations until he's at least 5, and even then it will only be a couple." She asked my why and I chose to ignore that and said, "Before we switched to this practice, I spoke personally to Dr. and asked if it would be a problem that I had Canaan at home, and also that we selectively vaccinate. He explained his point of view on the vaccinations and said that ultimately the decision is mine and he's fine with whatever decision I make." She completely relaxed then and said, "Oh, of course it's your decision! As long as we know what you're planning on him having, we can just put that here in your chart and then it won't be brought up at every visit." WHEW! After that she talked to my kids for a while and when Caris said that asparagus is her favorite food, the PA gave me an asparagus recipe that sounds divine. It was nice leaving on a pleasant note.
We had soccer practice all week, of course. And I had an outing with my Mom to her oncologist's office. Graham threw a bring-your-stuffed-animal party and that was major fun. We played hopscotch, bowling with Gatorade bottles (Canaan's favorite activity), danced and Graham even drew us pictures of our stuffed animals.
We also helped my Mom move yesterday. I don't know how much "help" we were since I locked my keys in the car and she had to call AAA to bail me out, and then Canaan locked himself in her bathroom and he was stuck for several minutes while we tried to figure out how the HECK to get him out of there before he drowned in the toilet and ultimately Malachi bailed us out. Silent prayers of thankfulness that my eldest son was blessed with his Daddy's mechanical abilities.

So since we didn't do anything particularly exciting that was actually *school* related this week, I'll leave you with Malachi's basic weekly schedule of book work:

Monday: Grammar (First Language Lessons), Latin (Prima Latina), Handwriting (A Reason for Handwriting), Phonics Pathways, Spelling Workout, Math (Math-U-See) and music appreciation (Color the Classics: Godly Composers)

Tuesday: Grammar, Latin, Spelling, Handwriting, Phonics, Math, History (various sources - History Odyssey, an outlining book, Internet-Linked Encyclopedias, maps, etc.)

Wednesday: Very light on book work since he'll have enrichment classes on Wednesday mornings starting in September. Handwriting, Phonics and Math

Thursday: Grammar, Latin, Spelling, Handwriting, Phonics, Math, Science (the reading part - right now we're doing sea creatures)

Friday: Project day! History projects (right now we're doing a pocket book by Evan Moor), Science projects, Color the Classics and drawing lessons (I have the book Drawing with Children somewhere and can't find it so right now I'm just using what I can find online. Last week we drew frogs and boy did they turn out CUTE!)


  1. Ok I am seriously going to have steal that gatorade bottle bowling idea- that's great! Maybe Canaan and Christian could start their own league. = ) And Graham with his stuffed animal party- how cute!

  2. I'm so impressed! You're a busy, organized, home schooling mom and you still find time to sew wonderful articles of clothing. I wish I had your energy!