Monday, August 04, 2008

Aaaaaaand, they're off!

Last year when I went Malachi off for camp, it was his first time ever. He was nervous and so was I! I was sure he'd have a great time and be quite safe, but still - sending your 9-year-old son away from you for a week is a harrowing experience.

This year I honestly am just plain excited for him. His buddies Christian & Daniel are with him, he's experienced and it's just neat to see him go. Still, we all miss him. Per Caris' request, we have a chart on the refrigerator to mark off the days they're gone so we can watch the time tick by.

We've planned a busy week to distract us. Today we went to Lynette's for the most divine breakfast - caramel baked french toast (omgosh), pan potatoes and perfectly crispy bacon. Paula Deen ain't got nothin' on you, lady! The kids had a ball playing together, and then we ran a couple errands and came home for quiet time and naps. Even I napped, since I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night.

This afternoon I cleaned and listened to Graham's random utterances, which probably are mostly shared with Malachi. For example, he wondered what it would be like if he could sew tiny ice skates and scarves and jackets for two ants and then let them skate around on an ice pond, which he would make out of a glass of water that he would freeze in the freezer. I misunderstood and thought he said skis and told him that each ski would have to have three boots, so that took some clarification and a drawing in order that I might have understanding. He also wondered how batteries are made and how big is the biggest mushroom in the world? It's pretty big.
Also today I got a message from the electric company that said that the reading I gave them over the phone is not correct, and that I do indeed owe the original bill. Oh friends, please pray that she is mistaken. I don't know what we will do if our electricity bill is $600.

So - do I sound tired? Because I am, and I'm heading to bed now. Love you!


  1. i have been having issues with my pge too. something is up with these smart readers?! i will not recieve a bill until august now and it will be from 6/20-8/19! i am not looking forward to that

  2. Oh deary me, I HATE stressful billing issues- please oh PLEASE let it be another mistake on their part! I love hearing about Graham's utterances! And ohhh I bet you're missing those men!

  3. Cool mushroom! I wonder what things my boys say to each other that I miss out on... I hope your week without Malachi is going quickly, and that he's having fun, too! I'm not quite ready for that stage!

    And I'm praying for better PG&E news!!

  4. oh no about the bill:(

    But the conversation about sewing the ants tiny clothes is the cutest thing EVER. Hm, I should pay better attention to what my boys are telling each other.

  5. oh and you are so so brave sending you boy off. i am gonna be a complete wreck when Finn goes to camp. I stayed up all night when they were camping outside with daddy all night!