Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Night Life

We're not so exciting this Saturday night. Alif worked on a friend's cabin out of town today and I sat around eating licorice and sewing and reading e-mail and blogs and oh yeah, I did play with my kids & read to them quite a bit. Can you guess what my house looked like at the end of today? We'll just name her Fay and leave it at that.

So as we sit here watching all the fit people in the entire world running, jumping and huffing and puffing their way to gold medals, I'll just share a few pics from this week.

Someone kindly shared their Wal-Mart-brand Crystal Light with Canaan. Looks like he really enjoyed it.

Caris refreshing herself at soccer practice. She looks so CUTE playing soccer that I haven't even noticed whether she actually has any SKILL yet. LOL

I'm back in the saddle! I sewed a couple covers this week and hopefully many more to come. And a bunch of pajama pants and other cute things. I hope to stay motivated . . . ;-)


  1. Sounds like a great day!!! it's a pity we have to pick up the house after those days though, it always leaves them feeling not so good at the end. I havent forgotten about the Tim-tam question but have been crook on and off for 3 weeks so haven't been eating things like tim-tams. it's been killing me seeing them in the cupboard knowing what they are for (my "special" reply post) and also knowing they are going to really not help me get better. It's coming I promise!!!

  2. Man you really have been motivated! I loooove the pictures of Caris and Canaan, and your diaper looks awesome. So funny about the crystal light- we currently are drinking the target brand. Mmmmm... shoot, that stuff even stains the countertops though! oh! And while I'm talking about stains- today I opened up a popsicle that was bright VIKING green and ate it RIGHT before church. LOL. Wow. Green teeth and lips for me!

  3. i have the same kind of saturday nights on a regualr basis.

    i love little kids playing soccer too fun! so you coaching? lol!

  4. OOH EMILY!You're sewing again!woot!:)
    I'm glad to hear that!
    I love your site.I didn't know you were homeschooling,too funny cause I emailed about that,and was browsing through people who Homeschool to get some Input(reading).
    I'm soooo glad you're back in the saddle,so to speak:) Do u have a store or hyena cart.): when you do..LET ME KNOW:)

  5. lol canaan is ridiculously cute with a red mustache : )

    my house always looks like hurricane fay went through, that's how i know we had a good day!

  6. Oh, but watching the Olympics with your kids and being creative with your sewing machine is TOTALLY exciting!!

    I'm afraid I didn't do nearly the sewing I hoped to this summer. But I still have that PUL, and I still plan to make those pads! I really have a get my own machine fixed, because my mom hasn't wanted me to make a mess at her house lately. :P

  7. yay for productivity and sewing. I thought I comment here yesterday,but I guess I forgot. Your kids look so cute.

    To answer your question about schooling. For now, we are holding Finn back a year. Next year he will most likely go to public school because my husband really wants him to go. We shall see what happens. Maybe later on down the road I shall homeschool. It sounds like fun!

  8. So, totally has nothing to do with your post... but..

    My hubby and I are VERY interested in homeschooling. He is pretty insistent, and the more I teach in the public schools, the more I want to do it as well (this is my 4th year). I'm currently trying to get plugged in with a home schooling program as a home teacher so I can learn more about the program before I put Sam in (i mean, he is 11 months old... wouldn't want to wait too long and miss the boat on what to do with him!!!) :) Anyway, would love to hear about your program and feelings and why you chose to HS. I'm sure you posted about it at some point on your blog...if you did let me know so I can read up on it! :)