Friday, August 15, 2008

Fall really is coming

Well, it's really just fall activities starting up. Fall itself is months away. MONTHS. It's over 100º all week. I'm a little tired of the heat and just about ready to start thinking about fall. I love you summer, but I'm sort of over you for now.

Soccer started up this past week. Caris kept whining every time I brought it up and I couldn't figure out why. Finally I pried it out of her: she's afraid she'll get hurt. Why didn't I think of that? After all, she's spent years watching her big brothers play, and those boys get aggressive - and nearly every game someone gets a minor injury. I assured her that she would be playing with other little girls and no one is likely to get more than a bump. In the middle of her first practice she ran over for a water break and said, "Soccer is actually fun!"

I went to the team parent meeting last night and it was HALF the time they'd told us to expect. How's that for a big woo hoo? I had one of those "wow, my child is growing up" moments because I had Malachi & Canaan with me and Malachi ran right out onto the field behind the meeting and started playing with another boy. He used to be so shy - not any more!

Alif really likes his group of parents - he's coaching Malachi's U12 team this year. Graham's team doesn't have a coach, so I jokingly asked Graham if he'd like me to coach him. He said, "YEAH, CAN YOU??" Ack! Let's pray another parent steps up, because I am SO not confident in my ability to coach boys his age. :-O


  1. Doesn't feel weird for all this fall activity/planning to be starting up right now? I'm ready for the heat to be over, too, but I wasn't quite ready for school to start. We're taking one more beach trip next weekend, so it still feels like summer vacation, even though Scott's back at work. Hey, we are getting tomorrow at 2, right?

  2. oh, I can't WAIT for fall. It's so encouraging to think it's right around the corner!

    I'm glad Caris ended up liking soccer. :)

  3. Woah- I can't believe Caris is playing soccer this year- exciting! She's gonna be soooo cute in that jersey!

  4. WOW :) GOOD LUCK!I honestly believe you would do wonderful!:)

    This year there is NO cookie mom for cheer.So I volunteered.The problem is..(GASP)..where are the moms!Cookie mom collects money for the games/so kids have snacks.
    Oh well:) HAVE FUN EMILY!