Monday, January 29, 2007

2 more days!

I can't believe it, I'm only 2 days from my due date! Wouldn't it be fun to know exactly when he plans to make his big arrival? Alas, I'll just have to wait and wonder. My midwife came today and everything still looks great. He's very low and she said his head feels tiny. LOL! I guess he may take after Alif and Malachi in that regard??

We have been in the house nearly two weeks, and I'd say we're nearly settled too. Alif is continually fixing/finishing little details here and there. Right now he's getting his garage all organized, a big passion for him. ;-) I'm almost done with the unpacking too. I can't wait till there's not a single box left. LOL The kitchen and dining room are in a perpetual mess with the boxes and not really having places to put things, so I'd really like to get that resolved in the next couple of days.

So that's about it. No baby, working on the house . . . that's life these days! Oh! We did get back to our schoolwork last week. Phonics only but we did it every day, and this week I added math. Yay us!

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  1. Hey Emily! I was wondering about you, and what you had been doing. Can't wait to see the new little one!! Glad you are getting settled in the new house, how exciting!!