Monday, January 22, 2007

We're moved!!

We are officially moved in! Hip hip hooray!! Each day I feel like we're a little more settled, though it's slow-going getting everything unpacked and into a proper place. Only Caris' room is totally box-free. The first couple of days felt so strange and not at all like home, but now it really is starting to feel like ours.

Baby is still hanging out in the womb with 9 days until my due date. I saw the midwife today and everything's perfectly on track. I also got the last of what I need for the actual birth today so I'm feeling a lot more prepared. The baby clothes and diapers are all put in their places and I'll set up the pack & play later today. It's a good feeling having things ready to go! Sharon's home now too so now no date restrictions (LOL, as if there is any control anyway) except not on February 2 or 3 because the midwife has some important things going on those two days. Kind of scary since those days seem like complete fair game, right after my due date!

Yesterday we had a major scare with Caris. Randy & Penny (our old neighbors) were over and Penny, Malachi, Caris & I were on the back porch. Malachi & Caris were playing a tickle game and Caris spun around and fell forward into the frame of the metal security screen. She was crying hard, of course, and I picked her up and comforted her and prayed it was just her lip again (she's hit it 3 times since we moved in, poor thing). It wasn't just her lip. Her top tooth was pushed visibly back and was bleeding. I rushed in to call our family dentist, and they would not see her on an emergency basis since she hasn't been seen in their office yet. Talk about a worried, livid mommy. An hour and a half of calls and crying (and thankfully Caris napping) later, we headed for the emergency room. We waited there so long that the 4:00 appointment with the dentist was at hand, so we left the emergency room and headed over there. Chamil got us in with this office that she works for and it was a complete God-send. They were so kind and wonderful with both Caris and me. The dentist was able to push her tooth forward a little bit but said we basically need to just re-check it in 3 weeks and see how the root is doing. It really got knocked out of place. She really seems to be doing ok, not in pain or anything as long as she doesn't bite down with it, but Mommy's still a little traumatized. She looks really different to me and she hasn't gotten used to speaking with her teeth that way so she sounds different too.

Well, I keep thinking of things to blog about as the days go on but my online time is really limited. I will stop for now and come back another day. :-)

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  1. I'm so glad that you are all moved in, congrats!!

    Poor Caris, I hope she is doing alright now. I think these things are harder on us mommies than the kids. LOL!

    It's so great that you are all prepared for baby, and he hasn't made an early appearance. I wish you all the best!!