Thursday, January 11, 2007

5 days

Our move-in date has been moved to next Tuesday, but even still, that's just 5 days away. House progress is good! Alif's almost done with the floors. Tomorrow they'll be finished and then we'll give them a day to dry before walking on them.

As for packing, my friend Liz came over and helped me pack and move the kitchen a few days ago, and that kicked my heinie *big time*. I had absolutely excruciating back pain all the rest of the day, to the point that I literally could hardly walk by bedtime, and the first time I woke up to use the restroom, I cried because it hurt so much to turn over. The next morning it was just as bad until I took a shower, then it started to get better. Now it's back to its normal painful but not a huge problem state.

I am back and forth between feeling at peace and totally anxious about when this baby is going to come. The earliest I've ever been was a week early, but each baby has their own time frame, you know? Last night while I was watching TV I was having quite a few contractions - nothing painful, but I was just thinking, maaaaan please don't come right *now*! The house is messy, half of our baby stuff is at the new house . . . Also Sharon (our Bradley teacher) will be out of town on the 16th - 22nd and I'd really like to have her there, so I am hoping he doesn't come then either. Any time after the 22nd would be fine though - we'll be in the new house and ready. My birth kit came the other day and that was a relief! I need to make a list of people to call when it's time, and put the midwife's phone number in my cell phone in case I realize I'm in labor while I'm out and about. If my labor is anywhere near as fast as it was with Caris, we'll have no time to spare. I hope I go into labor while I'm at home.

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  1. Very exciting Emily!! I'm sure everything will work out just fine for you.