Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's a Yay kind of day!

I have been so bummed about the Consumer Reports car seat report, which implied that the SafeSeat I wanted was NOT so safe after all. Well, I do not like any of the Snugrides that they suggest but figured I'd better pick one anyway. Well guess what? CR pulled their report! WOO HOO! I had so hoped their report/testing was flawed in some way and apparently it was! Now I can get the darling seat I want and not feel guilty about it. :-P

Yesterday I got the master bedroom completed - no more boxes. Yay! The kitchen is totally stressing me out as the storage is a lot more limited than I thought at first glance. I guess I either need to pare down on what I am keeping or figure out a way to store everything, huh? It will be a happy day when every single box is unpacked. The boys' room is close to being finished, there are quite a few boxes in the kitchen and a few in the dining room. We've been here one week so I guess it's time to step it up and get us completely settled.

Last night I was thinking that I should set my alarm for 7:00. I'm almost always awake before then but I have been dozing until 7:30 or 8 the last few days just because of going to bed later than usual and not sleeping well. Well, no need - our neighbor's dogs bark every morning when she lets them out and today it was at about 6:15. I stayed in bed until 7:15 and then got right up and showered. Now that was a nice feeling, leaving my bedroom dressed, made up and hair done. Nice!

The kids & I did a bit of schoolwork today, Alif installed the living room ceiling fan, I filled out our change of address form for the USPS . . . all of these little details. Every day is full of them. It's nice to look back at the end of the day and remember what all got done, but each day feels so full of things still to do. I guess that's good - what sort of day would it be if we had absolutely no purpose in the day? LOL Tonight's American Idol - looking forward to watching that!

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  1. what progress you have made! no wonder you are saying, "YAU!"