Friday, June 15, 2007

Canaan, 19 weeks

It's really hitting me how much Canaan has changed. I can't BELIEVE four whole months have gone by. It's so much fun watching his personality really emerge now and seeing him learn to actually DO things, but boy I can't believe he's not a newborn any more.

We got him an exersaucer at a yard sale for $5 and he really likes it! I say, "bounce!" and he jumps, and he can turn himself around and play with all the toys.

We have been dragging poor baby all over the place now that baseball has started. Almost every night we are out and about and most of the time he is just so laid back about it all. He'll still sleep out in public if I nurse him.

Lots of times now he wakes up "talking" and looking around instead of crying. When he sees me coming for him he smiles so big!

When he is facing away from me and can't see me, I call his name and he smiles before he can even see me. Aww!

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  1. How sweet! Isn't being a mommy great???!!