Friday, June 29, 2007

Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman!

We had our last day of Vacation Bible School today! What a fun week we've had. Anyway, we got home and had some things to unload, and we could see the mailman walking up, too. I said hello to the mailman and then turned around to ask Malachi to put a big box in the trash on the side of the house. The mailman turned to leave our porch just as I was saying to Malachi, "thank you, honey," and the mailman said, "you're welcome". AAACK! ROFL!!


  1. HA!HA! Too funny. At least he didn't say, "you're welcome babe" hehe. That is still making me laugh, that's so funny. Maybe you'll get better service now, who knows, haha!!!

  2. Oh my GOSHHHH I can't help but think of when Jason was a postman when I read this. LOL!