Sunday, June 10, 2007

Canaan's Dedication

Today we dedicated Canaan in front of our church body. This is not when he makes his own personal decision to follow Jesus but it is a time when we promise to raise him to know the Lord, and a time when our church dedicates to help us any way they can in raising him up to be a godly man.
Worship team in the back, then in front, Alif, me, Pastor Kenny and baby Canaan. Pastor Kenny spoke kind words thanking Alif for all of the construction he has done on our new church home and me for letting him. Ha ha!
Praying over our precious son!
Praying *forcefully* over our precious son. LOL :*) Canaan was calm and peaceful and quiet as usual and Pastor Kenny asked if he's always this good. I answered, "yes."


  1. Yay! He is such a good baby! I wish I would have been there. I am not sure why I did not just plan on it. My brain is not working lately!

  2. Oh Emily, these are SUCH great pictures. I LOOOOVE your lepard print skirt- you look so cute! Canaan is gorgeous- soooo gorgeous. I love seeing Pastor Kenny pray over heummmm!