Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Surprise!

So I saw that dumb Home Depot commercial where the lady is raving about her "Home Depot Guys" in the gardening department, and as intended, it made me rush over to see what they could teach me. I started by asking them if they had any strawberry pots in stock. One lady said, "strawberry pots?" I explained to her what they are and she wasn't sure at all if they had anything like that, so she asked another garden employee who was walking by and without even looking up, this other lady muttered, "nope." Gaaaa.

Well! In comes Target! I was in a big rush with a pair of pants, a bottle of Robitussin and Canaan in the sling, and thought I'd exit through the garden area and pick up another 6-pack of alyssum to fill in my little front beds. I saw a Gardenia and nearly purchased it but wasn't sure if it would work well in the area I had in mind. I asked the guy at the checkout what he thought and SURPRISE! He knew ALL about whether it would work or not and why! I am so happy! Do I actually have a department-store garden guy who *knows his stuff*?? Woo HOO!

P.S. I never did plant a strawberry pot. The gorgeous one pictured above belongs to someone else and was found through Google.


  1. Oh those flaaars sound so pretty! And what pants did you get? -Meggars

  2. I LOVE Target!! I have banished Wal-Mart forever, and those bigger stores aren't all they are cracked up to be. My mom tried a strawberry pot once, but it didn't work. I should try and do one, the twins love strawberries! If you find one, let me know, and I'll do the same.