Saturday, June 23, 2007

Picture Time - yet again.

Gotta protect those little peepers! He was sitting in his Bumbo on the porch while I watered my flowers.
Canaan has taken an interest in this car seat toy Juanita got for him and he really likes to play with it!
Caris is so cute in her new sunglasses. We were watching (I use that term loosely) Malachi's game here.
Don't you love the look on my face here? I was asking Alif to take a pic of Canaan because I thought it was cute how he fell asleep with his arm straight up.
Canaan & Graham having some brotherly bonding time.
Canaan checking out the animals on this blanket - this kept him occupied for like 20 minutes.


  1. Your kids are too cute!! That one of Canaan looking at his blanket is precious!! You can just see the concentration on his face, hehe.

  2. Oh I LOVE these pictures, thank you so much for posting them! I especially love the one with you and Mr in the sling. I bet that thing is sooo comfortable, it looks like a little hammock!

  3. your kids are so cute!

  4. Love the pictures Emily...and I love checking in on your blog. It's weird how blogs make you feel so connected to the person you're reading. The kiddos are adorable! I miss the Crossroads picnics :(