Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Miscellaneous Pictures

We made corny shirts for the Grandpas for Father's Day. Here's Grandpa Moore's . . .
and here's Grandpa Payne's.
I ordered Caris a bunch of bows to match her very first t-ball uniform. Isn't this so cute?
Canaan was pretty impressed with the waffles & berries Malachi was eating! Only a month and a half until he can take his own first bites of solids!
Felicia and Canaan at the church picnic. Felicia was born in December '06.
At our church picnic there were two VERY HUGE slip & slides set up. The kids absolutely loved it!
Graham zooming down!
Caris on the slip & slide, having tons of fun!
Little Mister, quite curious and also very drooly.
Canaan enjoying his "new" exersaucer


  1. Fun pictures. Cute T's. You are very talented

  2. great pictures girl!!!

  3. your kids are adorable :)