Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lotsa Pics

I converted this picture of Canaan & I to "sketch" and thought it turned out so sweet. I love my baby!!

Canaan's first-ever stroller ride!! We walked all around our neighborhood for about an hour and he did just great! I still sling him pretty much everywhere, but it's getting too hot to sling him during our exercise-walks.

When you've got thighs this chunkylicious, you'd better show them off!

We are working on limiting the pillow/thumb action to nap and bedtime only. We're not doing that well with that.

So Caris is a little beyond the 13-month age "limit" on the Bumbo but she sure likes it anyway.

Canaan enjoying his new Bumbo seat

Alif, Graham and Canaan enjoying the park during Malachi's baseball practice.

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  1. I love love LOOOOVE the adorable pics! Thanks Emiles