Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Canaan Notes

Just so you don't think I'm completely screwing up my baby over the last few days, here are a few things he's up to at almost 17 months old (WAH!):
He points out his body parts: eyes, ears, hair, nose, mouth, tummy, feet, toes, tongue, teeth, hands etc.
Today I opened up the dishwasher and he got out the dishwashing detergent bottle and pretended to squirt it in where it goes
Size 2T, 6-7 shoes, Large cloth diapers
Weighs 28 pounds
Opens doors (oh my)
Gets up & down stairs fine
Says lots of new words - most recent are dog, kitty (eeeeee!), hot, dirt
Loves playing in water and is quite a daredevil in the pool

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