Tuesday, June 24, 2008


For the third year in a row, I am working in the music center at my church's VBS. It's basically three hours straight of light aerobics. Which would be great if I didn't weigh 485 pounds. Actually, I guess it is great because I weigh 845 pounds. Or 1,845. Whatever. I am not fit and trim is what I'm saying. If I volunteered at every church in town to work in their VBS music center, I guess I would probably get very svelte by the end of summer.

However, if I did that my 16-month-old may check himself into a mental institution. He is not enjoying VBS one tiny bit. Yesterday he sat with me through the opening and started to get panicky when several adults went onstage in very fancy costumes. It was a time I was very glad he's still nursing because it got him through that scary moment. Then came the nursery and the loving, trustworthy ladies who are working in there this week. They did so well with his crying little self. He cried on and off, slept most of the time and was so glad to see me. All evening and this morning he was not himself at all. Caris came to say good morning to him and he shook his head. Grandma tried to hold him last night and he buried his head in my lap. When we got to church this morning he cried as soon as we stepped in the doors. Let's just say that nursery was not happening today so he hung out with me in the music center. I can only imagine how tomorrow will be. It's like separation anxiety boot camp this week.

It's neat to be in the music center and see each of my kids come through and how they act when they're with their friends and not each other. Caris is quiet and still and doesn't try any of the hand motions. Graham is silly in the back row and tries the motions and singing here & there, especially if they allow him to elbow or poke a neighbor. Malachi is always next to his friend Christian and they sing and participate with all the motions.

And now I think I need a nap before practicing tomorrow's songs.

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