Saturday, June 21, 2008

When IS Date Night?

I literally do not know when I last had a date with Alif. I know that we haven't had one since Canaan was born. Did we have one when I was pregnant with him? Hmm, not that I can remember. The last time I remember going on date night was when my friend Cyndi and I used to trade off babysitting once a month. That was a long, long time ago.

I do remember that the last time we went on a date I had such a nice time. We had fun conversation, saw a movie - or did we? Maybe we only went out to dinner. Oh my GOSH, maybe our last date was when we bought Caris a walking toy. She is five years old now! Holy cow. Ok anyway, we got home and I said that I loved date night and did he have fun? And do you know how he responded? "I don't really like date night."

I *know*. Me too.

Then when he saw the shocked and hurt expression on my face he said, "I really just like being at home with you. We can relax, let our hair down, watch TV and laugh together . . . I just don't really like going out."


There went date night.

But sometimes a girl's gotta have some romance! A nice dinner where she feels a little giggly and shy with this man to whom she's been married for t-e-n years. She wants to put on her heels and walk sexy and hold hands with her husband instead of her kids. She wants to carry a cute little clutch instead of a diaper bag. And she wants to ride in his big, manly truck instead of the family minivan. Even if that does add $150 to the cost of the date in gas alone.

If anyone sees my husband out and about, would you elbow him and tell him to ask me out on a date? I promise to kiss and not tell.


  1. Oh Emiles I am so glad you shared this- it's such a reflection of how much you love and adore Alif!

  2. So cute. Sounds a lot like my husband - he'd much rather relax at home. But we are due for a date night, I think. And, our poor babysitter - she can't rely on us to earn any money!

  3. we are in need of a date night too! John likes to go out but would rather be home too. and since i am a.l.w.a.y.s. home i want to go out =)

  4. you are so funny. this has really inspired me to try harder to do date night. we just for the first time ever hired a babysitter so I could get dental work'd think a date would rank up there too.

  5. Give me a couple weeks and I will babysit for you and you two can go out!

  6. ROFLOL. Oh, man, I wish I would have read this sooner! Scott and I were out on a "date" to buy a new dishwasher, and we ran into Alif at Lowe's! I would have told him to take you OUT! Though I wouldn't recommend shopping for appliances.

  7. oh, girl. I don't know how you've lasted so long! I hope you get your date night with your honey very soon. You are so right about dates-- they are a must from time to time.

  8. You are so right! I was blessed to have 2 dates with my husband in a 2 week span! I did feel giggly and like my old self with him when alone. Man it feels great to just be alone with that man of mine!