Sunday, June 01, 2008

Random picture update

Malachi loves his baby brother so much! I think the feeling is mutual. See how long Malachi's hair is getting? He's letting it get shaggy. I wish it would just get already. Not enjoying the in-between stage.

Webkinz make the whole household happy. Well, except Alif. He thinks they're a waste of time ::gasp::.
"Whattup Mama? Ahhh yeah, I'm just kickin' back, playin' me some Nintendogs. I like me some Boxer right here."
"See Mommy? I can close this and they hide . . . "
"Peek-a-boo! HI DOGS!" (Ok, he actually just says, "dawwww!")
"I LOVE YOU DOGS!! Here, have some kisses! See you again tomorrow, ok?"

Walking up & down a ramp during Malachi's baseball practice.


  1. Precious pictures. Especially the last one.

  2. Oh my gosh those are soooo sweet Emily. I was totally LOL about the captions on Canaan- I can tooootally hear your voice!

  3. Anonymous9:02 AM

    what about the birthday party?

  4. He is TOO CUTE, Emily! I love the one with Caris.

  5. heehee about the webkinz and your hubby's disdain for them:) do you mind if i add you to my blog links?

  6. I'd love to be on your links Davi, and can I put you on mine?

  7. why for certainly you can add me to yours!thanks:)

  8. LOL! Cute! The DS pictures are so sweet. Hello DAwwwwws.