Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer TV

Pardon my randomness. Also, the Homegrown Life family will think we are truly off our rockers since unlike us, they are cutting back on their TV viewing.

Alif does not enjoy reality TV. Can you believe that? He would rather watch a stupid (by my standards, not his) movie than watch reality TV. I think the heat must be getting to him though because he watched TWO reality shows with me last week.

The first one was Last Comic Standing. Ok, I don't know if this really even counts because he very much enjoys to guffaw at stand-up. He really gets to goin' and makes me nag him with my "shh!". And then we love to make fun of each other's choices too. Like, he loved that crazy flapping-hands guy and I didn't. Dude. I couldn't even see his FACE half the time, he moves around so much. And I laughed out loud at Mary something-or-other when she said in her obnoxious baby voice that she wasn't sure how but she was pretty sure she was in the middle of a drug deal when someone asked her about product in her hair. Oh man, I just laughed out loud again thinking about it. Funny stuff.

Then in a clear lower-than-low episode of passive television viewing, we watched the celebrity carnival show. Woah. That show has taken reality tv a little too far. I cannot believe any celebrity agreed to be on that show. It's that ridiculous. And I LOVE reality tv. TV. Whatever. When Christopher Knight came out (I can't believe that's his name - what the heck? That's not at all familiar. I guess I really only know him as Peter from the Brady Bunch.) Alif goes, "Peter? Is that you? ::pause:: Really?" MAN, I laughed so hard. I told him HE should go on Last Comic Standing.

And to further random-ize this post: one time my bil said that Alif & I must not watch much TV. I think this followed the announcement of our pregnancy with our fourth child. The conversation went to how marital congress is a great way to pass the time when there's nothing on TV, and somehow I ended up saying, "There was nothing on TV last night." So later Alif's all, "why did you tell everyone that we . . ." you know. And I'm like, "Who cares? And I didn't mean that anyway. I just meant that yeah, there's not that much great on TV these days."

Still laughing about Alif's "Peter" line.


  1. HAHAHA! Man, I just can't believe how much Peter still has the same smile!

  2. Missed celebrity circus
    on the same time as "So you think you can dance"
    I think that was it at least....I never watch movies or sitcoms...
    but the mole, deadliest catch, gordan ramsey will all get my attention