Saturday, April 08, 2006

Caving and Travel

So the drinkies were in a state of fullness this morning that I was not prepared to live with all day, and I indulged Caris and the drinkies in over a minute of nursing on each side. :::::gasp::::::

Also got out of bed and checked out any travel information Mom & I could need to know during our trip to Scotland. We're so lucky to have Megan and Jason to guide us, but also the travel information is pretty straightforward.

I'm now really starting to think about how it will be to be gone for 8 days! One thing that put me into a bit of a panic was trying to figure how to leave proper information on all of Caris's medications. I know them well, when to use them and when not to, the doses and times and which can go with which, but Alif is blissfully unaware. I think my best bet is going to be to just have him keep her on one - say, Zyrtec - the entire time I'm gone, and then leave instructions on managing symptoms. Hmm.


  1. We'll be in prayer for this real concern. The Lord is faithful!

  2. I hope you get everything figured out. If there is anything I can do while your gone, please let me know.

  3. Thank you so much for being willing to leave your life and come into MINE for a week! All this sacrifice means SO MUCH to me!