Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Jesus is risen! What a wonderful thing to celebrate!!

It seems silly to write about weaning on the holiest day of the year, but that's ok, right? Since the last time I wrote, Caris has nursed 2x. The night of the 1 minute + on each side, I told her that in the morning we would not have drinkie. I thought for sure there would be crying in the morning, but she didn't even bring it up! That night when she prayed though, she asked God if she could have drinkie tomorrow. That next day I went ahead and nursed her for a few minutes on the other side. She hasn't nursed since! I asked her if she was ready for her special cup and she wasn't sure. I remained confident though, and told her I really think she's ready! Last night at Target I got her a Dora cup (like a sports bottle) and a Hello Kitty plate set with a tumbler. She loves them and is really excited! My nursies are heavy this morning. I hope it doesn't get too bad!

While I was at Target, I ran into Suzie L. - so good to see her, even for a minute! It reminded me how much harder I need to focus on re-developing a homeschool support system for the kids & I. How I used to look forward to Wednesdays with BHL! I know I can have that same feeling again if I'll just get off my tush and put us back in the game.

Also at Target I saw Richard Gandara's wife (horrible greeter that I am, I cannot remember her name). She recognized me and asked who I am, and though she was faintly familiar, I'd never have placed her. I'm so glad she approached me! After I left Target I thought - dang, I should have gotten their phone number, and asked what Richard is doing, and things like that. She is so sweet! Lynette and I used to always wonder what sort of girl he would end up with, and she seems to be the perfect match for him. How happy!

I did not give the kids Easter baskets this year. I'm so put off by EASTER becoming commercialized, I just won't play into it with my kids. I don't think it's wrong to give them baskets, by any means, but they already get baskets from two sets of grandparents and sometimes even extras from aunts and uncles. It's shocking to me, because when I was growing up, we got a beautiful basket from our parents and that was it! So - I just got them each a cute, soft Easter stuffed animal and made them each a little card. Last night we made Resurrection Rolls and they were SO cool. The whole family participated. Definitely a new tradition! How do people make the links into the words - like, here's the link for the Resurrection Rolls, but how would I make just the words themselves to be the link?

One last thing: Megan is going to use cloth diapers on the new baby! I'm ridiculously excited about this! Maybe pictures of Sweet Pea in his/her dipes will satisfy my baby craving. Ha ha! I actually made a list yesterday of what all Megan's stash should have. :::must not be meddling auntie::: I just cannot get over it still: Megan's gonna be a Mommy! Megan's gonna be a Mommy! Visions of the two of them cuddling their newborn - wow, how sacred! Suddenly though, every time I think of Megan, it's her as a little girl. It's hard to believe we're all three grown up, married and with families!

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  1. We would love to have you join us at park day Emily!! There is one on Thursday as well, at Fruitvale/Norris park. I was away from the group for a while, but glad I am back now, it does make a differance.