Friday, April 07, 2006

The Drinkies Rebel

I knew it couldn't last forever, this amazing adaptation of the drinkies to the newly-shortened drinkie schedule. All day yesterday they were uncomfortably full. They never did get to a truly painful point, but this morning with only 45 seconds per drinkie, there wasn't much relief. Caris is fully aware that her drinkie days are nearly over, and she often mentions the special cup! I've promised her when drinkie days are through, but she is not ready to let go. She brought up the special cup! this afternoon and I said, "do you think you're all done with drinkie now, all the way?" She said, "Not yet." So - I guess tomorrow we'll have a 30-seconds-per-side drinkie. Oh, I HATE this! I hate it!

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