Thursday, April 20, 2006

still moaning

Yesterday was pretty miserable with the head cold. My nose and eyes were itchy and running like a drippy faucet. Literally - it was pretty gross. Today I woke up with a very stuffy nose but little else, so it's been a nice day. We celebrated Lyn's Birthday with a pizza lunch that was just really fun! I took a tiny rest during the kids' quiet/naptime, and have been sewing and cleaning and playing and reading and all the things Mommies do. Well, I finally took my inhaler to hopefully ward off the chest settling I tend to get with colds, and it is helping with the coughing of junk. I feel a fever coming on. Most women whine about their husbands being awful sick people, but if anyone in this house has a right to complain about that, it's Alif. I'm a terrible person to be near when I'm sick. What a moaner!

1 comment:

  1. I hear ya Emily. I am just getting over a head cold myself. My second one, since just over a month ago. I hate it! Hope you feel better soon.