Friday, April 14, 2006

Maybe she needs her own blog

I feel like I need a blog just for the funny, sweet, silly, crazy things Caris says! She's at that age, I guess. Here's one that happened just now. I was in the kitchen, and she came in to throw away her banana peel. The kids & Alif are all playing table soccer. She said, "Mommy! Daddy said I have to stay on the bunk bed! He put me up there and then he got me down so I can throw this away." I looked at her with a concerned face and said, "You were on the top bunk?" "Yeah! Daddy put me up there! I not fall down from there." I said, "I don't know that that's the best idea, sweetie. You be very careful! You're my precious girl!" She said ok and scooted off, then came back a few seconds later and said, "Mommy, God has to take care of me ok? I not fall off from there." I said, "Yes, He sure does honey, but that doesn't mean we should do unsafe things, ok?" LOLOL

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