Saturday, April 22, 2006

Weaning Update

So weaning is going increasingly well, in case you care to know! My drinkies have decided to cooperate! Hooray! 2 days ago one side was really aching so I let her nurse for a few minutes, and since then everything's fine! The only bummer is that Caris is really taking it hard. She is so sweet and compliant, and she does little misbehaviors here & there, but rarely am I frustrated with her. Well, the last 3 days have been . . . frustrating to say the least. LOL She's been just really trying to get my attention any way she can, and I can see that she'll need some extra-special time with me for a while. Yesterday I gathered her up and we had a mommy-daughter picnic on the porch, and she LOVED it. She said, "this is fun" and "I wuv you, Mommy" and "it's nice" over and over and over. Awwwwww.


  1. Oh sweet!

  2. that is sooooooooooo sweet, emily! amers and I used to do the same...sometimes still do, in our grown, busy up way. embrace every second.