Saturday, July 19, 2008

Big Plans

I've always wanted Alif & I to have a master bedroom that's a sanctuary. We love and adore our children, but long after they are all grown and living in their own homes we'll be together, and I want to nourish that relationship with a special place all our own. Even if it does include babies who like to wake up in the middle of the night and nurse and cuddle. ;-)

At our old house, our bedroom was actually a den in the back of the house. It had three doorways. One to the hallway, one to the back yard, and one to the laundry room/kitchen, and that one had no door. When we had company over, everyone would have to walk through our room to get to the back yard. It was not private. Also, it had brown wooden floors, brown wooden paneled walls and brown furniture. My friend Erin drew up a home decorating book for me and she said, "For your room I envision a cozy log cabin feel." HA! She was very, very creative!

When we moved to our new home last year and had our own room, upstairs, WITH a teensy little bathroom, I felt like I was in hog heaven! It just felt so secluded and private and luxurious! I still love it, but it's . . . blah. It has the same light taupe walls we painted the whole house, gorgeous white crown and base moulding, a pretty ceiling fan and hardwood floors. It's nice, it just has no style.

Well, that's all about to change, babuy!! I can't WAIT to put my mark on it. I'm aiming for elegant, romantic, glamorous, but with our "we're casual people around here" touch.

I love, love, love this light taupe coverlet and shams, but everyone who reviewed it said that it's much lighter in person than in the picture. Wah! Any ideas? I don't want an ivory coverlet, I want a taupe one.

Pretty frames - going to use these to do my own version of the project you see below, as reported today by The Nester.

My colors will be different - taupe, white, ivory, black and apple green is what I'm thinking.

I think this table lamp from Ikea is so cute - and at 8.99 each, very doable!

I like bamboo shades and some sort of curtains but I don't know what yet on that.

Any other ideas from you decorating-genius types?


  1. OK, I just have to say that with this line, "Well, that's all about to change, babuy!!" I could totally hear that Moore girls' voice as if you were right here in the room talking to me...

    Anyway... I think if you are going to go taupe on the bedding, definitely do some kind of bold color on the walls. I really like how in that bed picture the red walls provide such a contrast.

  2. LOL, Lisa. I love it. And I loved reading that "babuy!" too. I agree on the walls, I was just thinking that when I looked at the picture a second time. Shoot, let's just hope those who reviewed it were WRONG!

  3. oh my gosh i am so planning on doing that nester project too!!! i wrote the stuff down i need to get at the craft sotre when i go this week

    i think you need a bold color on the wall or at least one wall if you go taupe on the bed. i cant wait to get to my room

  4. no ideas but sounds like fun. One of my children cut up my bedspread UGH but I really wanted something different....I want a slighy asian feel.

  5. Sounds lovely! Just think pillows, throws, comfy chair if one will fit...and enjoy!!