Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why is rear-facing important?

I have turned all of my babies to forward face in their car seats at a year (well, a bit past a year with Caris - 14 months I think). Canaan is 17.5 months and he is still rear-facing. I have a seat now that goes up to a higher weight and length rear-facing, and in the past few years I have learned that children are safest rear-facing as long as possible. I've heard about this video lots of times but I thought it contained a sob story about someone's child dying and so I never felt up to watching it. I finally watched it tonight and it doesn't have anything sad except for slow-motion videos of crash tests with a child-sized dummy both forward and rear-facing. Take a few minutes to watch this if you have babies or toddlers, would you? No judgment or anything on my part but it's good to be informed and make your decision from there.


  1. my sister is a nazi on rear-facing, so my kids are always rear facing for as long as possible.

    and so fun that you too are taking the photo class this fall!!!Christie is also taking it. the fun of bloggers uniting...

  2. Yep- Kelsie was just shy of 2 when we turned her and the ONLY reason I did is because I couldn't fit her Marathon RF and have Haylie (just born) rf also in our little car

    Haylie stayed rf until 2 1/2