Friday, July 25, 2008

A Week in Pictures

Graham scaling a tree at the park today

We really enjoyed the splash park. I especially enjoyed watching Malachi get dumped with a huge bucket of water.

He doesn't seem to have minded it either.

Canaan's first new dipe in quite a while - a dice print from Berry Imperfect Designs.
Look how much he's thinning out!

I was sure Canaan would LOVE the splash park since he can't get enough of the swimming pool, but all that water shooting up, down and sideways out of the blue was not his idea of a good time.

Caris & Ellie love playing dog. It's SO awesome when they play together
because it's just one less time Lynette & I have to be "puppy owners".

I wrote to Five Blessed Bows and asked them to make some velcro-on shirtbands for Caris to wear with her soccer uniform and they sent these *for free*. How cool is FBB and how cute are these on her uniform??

Do you remember holding hands with your friends when you were a little girl? Can I admit that when Caris was born I looked forward to those days for her? Here she is with one of her BFFs Emma. I love that they hold hands and love each other so much!


  1. CUTE soccer things... Ziah is getting some once we know her team..that must be what Alison wants me to test out..LOL

  2. Oh what a great job you did at capturing the absolute PERFECT moments, love that water shot of Malachi! And I was thinking the same thing about Canaan, man he is really thinning out!

  3. I love her fancy soccor uniform! Too cute. And I think I still hold hands with my dear girl friends:)

  4. Alison - thank you! I'm a nerd and said soccer but that's actually her baseball uniform. But yeah, I'll definitely be ordering more for soccer, which is coming right up!

    Megan - Thank you! I think that picture makes Canaan seem thinner than he is but he's definitely nowhere near as chubby as he was 6 months ago!

    Davi - Awww, girlfriends are God's gifts to us, aren't they??

  5. Hey Emily!
    I am not in town right now but at least I ave a coumputer!


  6. It was so nice to hang out with you guys the other day, Emily! I'm glad you got some great photos!

  7. very sweet pictures! caris just seems like she's growing a foot a week!