Saturday, July 05, 2008

I'm not really wordless.

Canaan likes to eat his toes. He also likes to be barefoot all the time,
which makes the toe-eating a little gross, but still funny and cute.

Graham made a Lego guy to match exactly what he looks like, down to the outfit and a head that has glasses on it. Graham's glasses got a little stomped and need to be repaired so he hasn't been wearing them for the past couple of weeks.

Anyone who likes Webkinz and has gone to the Trading Room
in the Clubhouse will understand this picture.

The kids, Alif's aunt and I went to a local farm and picked some blueberries & blackberries,
but before we picked we checked out the animals. (Graham, Sister and Caris)

and stopped for a picture in these funny hand chairs.
(Graham, Sister, Canaan, Caris, Malachi)

Canaan brought this pillow into the kitchen and laid down right next to the stove. Maybe he needed a feeling of comfort in the kitchen after burning his hand on that same stove last week? He still says, "hot" when he looks at the stove, and about 10 times a day he holds his hand out and says, "Ouuuuuuchyyyy, ouchyyyy".

My kids have jobs while I take my shower. One unloads the dishwasher, one babysits Canaan (in my bedroom) and the other occupies him/herself by playing on the computer. This day I came out of the shower and Caris had set Canaan up all cozy in a laundry basket in my closet with some blankets and pillows and a stuffed monkey, and she was "reading" to him. SO sweet.

Graham looks excited about our VBS performance!

Malachi, me and Caris right after our (ok, their) performance

Caris took the camera outside and came back with these pictures of Moxy. Hilarious.

I wonder if he wishes we had a pool so he wouldn't have to cool off in his water bowl.


  1. your kids are so cute! And I love the idea of having them do "jobs" while you are in the shower. When mine are a bit older, I must implement that. :)

  2. yes, i am intrigued by your "shower while they work" strategy. very ingenius!

    and LOL about Grahams's mini-me lego!