Tuesday, July 22, 2008

There goes the neighborhood.

Is this . . . advertising? Or what? Do I even want to know?
Seriously though, when we were driving through my neighborhood I showed this sign to my Mom and she thought someone has put it up as a joke. She said, "Well, eventually the police will take it down . . . " I was like, "No, the city put the signs up. They're all up and down the street." LOL!
This is the best part, though. Originally they all said BUMP. Then they came back through like a week later and changed all the Bs to Hs. OMGosh. Could I have laughed any harder? For reals.


  1. That is so weird!

  2. OK I just Googled this because I'm a nerd and apparently there really is a difference between a speed hump and bump...

    "Speed bumps are applications, usually asphalt, that are from two to six inches high and one to three feet from front to back. Speed humps are usually less than four inches high but 10 to 12 feet from front to back... A speed bump is generally designed as a rounded, raised pavement structure usually from two to six inches high. It usually is designed to be from one to three feet “long” (from the front of the bump to the back). A speed bump may be as little as a foot “wide” (from one side to the other) or as much as 10 feet wide, depending on the intent of the measure and the nature of the road to which it is being applied. Their design generally dictates comfortable crossing speeds of five miles per hour or less so they are usually appropriate only for use where vehicle speeds are typically the lowest to begin with such as parking lots, private roads, and on some residential streets.

    Speed humps are essentially derived from speed bumps to serve a slightly different purpose. They are typically designed not to exceed four inches high and are usually from 10 to 12 feet long. The purpose of the length of a speed hump is to allow the entire vehicle to be on the hump at once before it descends the far side onto the pavement. This is to reduce the likelihood that a vehicle will “bottom out” when going over the speed hump. When lesser distances are employed, the speed hump behaves more like a speed bump. Speed humps are typically applied to residential streets where speed limits do not exceed 25 miles per hour."

  3. LOL Lisa! Yes, the speed Humps are definitely low and wide, not like a short, tall Bump. LOL ;-)

  4. What on earth?? That is so funny! Hey, great blog! I have one, too, though I haven't advertised yet. I might, soon.

  5. LOL. Oh. My gosh. I SO wish I would've been there when you and Mom saw this. The most hilarious part is the painting OVER the "B." Jason said it sounds British!

  6. When we lived in AZ we were shocked by those signs too. Back in CA and no more humps..

  7. Hi, just stumbled on your blog cruising through blogher network. In Australia we go more for the "speed kills" slogan, it's probably more effective but whatever floats your boat ;)
    We have the signs here too, just not many, usually you find the hump/bump by hitting it too fast :0